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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  September 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> from boston's news leader this is wcvb news at 5:30. >> ben: breaking news at 5:30. police are on the hunt for the ex-boyfriend for a murdered mother. emilio de la rosa is a suspect in the murder of can tau rosa. she was found this morning. heather: . jc: they have a son together. the boy was there when the mother was attacked. anyone with information about where de la rosa is should call police. jc: we turn to the weather now because it is perfection. >> ben: it is out there now. this morning, harvey? jc: he has a little complaint. >> ben: i woke up the baby this morning and he was cold.
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norwood was 40 degrees this morning. orange, bedford, taunton was down in the 40s. but it bounced back really nicely. it approached 80 in spots this afternoon. a little sea breeze at work in boston. it is cooler at logan airport at 69 degrees. look at these skies. they are so nice and clear. great stuff. of course the red sox are now back home after a long road trip. each game is so important. it will be cooling off steadily. it will get close to 60, but if you are out this evening elsewhere we have nice, clear skies and boston is down to about 59 or 60. it will be about as cool in the out lying areas tonight as it was last night. we are talking about a new tropical storm and thunderstorm threats for us in the middle of the week. jc? jc: thank you, harvey. the national weather service says damage to a park in new hampshire is the result of straight-line winds that passed through on sunday.
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station, wmur, looks at the devastation avoided. reporter: the storm carved a path of destruction while hundreds of people were right next door. a 10-acre parcel resembles a war zone. giant pine trees are snapped in half. an estimated 60 trees are broke own or completely down. >> they all fell in the same direction. the wind mass was straight ss same direction. a lot of them came down. >> the national weather service says the damage was caused by straight-line winds. their power turning the slims -- the limbs into spears. >> the park is full of people walking on the road and through the woods and everywhere else. it was luck because it came up so quick. >> the only injury to a man in
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own. they are searching through all of the trees to make sure there is no one else here. >> the winds carved a specific swath. >> it is a definite god september that it went -- god sent. it would have been over a hundred people in harm's way. >> many were just arriving to the saw jay sent baseball field -- to the adjacent baseball field. hundreds more just sat tent next to that. >> we are so fortunate that no one was badly hurt. reporter: clean up should take two to three weeks. in new hampshire, wcvb newscenter 5. >> no bail for a woman who was killed in her home. police say she was killed three days before a 9-1-1 call lead them to her body.
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offender and court documents say he listed the home address as his own. prosecutors will not say anything about a relationship between moore and bouchier. >> ben: a man killed in a -- a man in a drunk driving crash is being held for charges including motor vehicle homicide. he hit a car in the break down lane and killing a man from ney jc: a florida man is facing time behind bars for stealing millions in gold headed to massachusetts. perez could also face more than $1 million in fines. he pled guilty to stealingarily $5 million in gold bars from a truck last year. it was heading here as i mentioned from miami, but investigators say his three-man crew intercepted it in north carolina. one co conspirator was
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prison. >> ben: the fight against zika vie vus is still being fought. jc: new concerns from those who live in the community. >> ben: and why the soccer
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>> you're watching newscenter 5 at 5:30. >> ben: retired soccer star abbie wombach said she used prescription drugs for years. wombach said she was stubborn and in denial before her arrest. the former team usa player is releasing her memoir tomorrow. in addition to her soccer career she describes her with vodka and pills. jc: the battle against the zika virus is growing as residents rain concerns about the chemicals used to fight mosquitoes. reporter: more spraying is expected after a weekend of of fighting off swrea kaw mosquito -- zika mosquitoes in the air. >> hey, hey, we don't want no spray. reporter: residents in miami
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virus. >> folks at miami beach did not consent to this. we were not consulted. reporter: it is designed to kill adult mosquitoes in constantly in flight. the cdc says it is safe, but it was banned in europe since 2012. protesters starting an on-line petition and nearly reaching the 10,000 signature goal. across south florida other counties say they are using a less harmful humans, pets or uh aquatic habitats. >> it was an organic material spread over the farms and used in the keys for years. reporter: as the disease intensities here, the cdc is warning the money needed to fight zika in florida and across the country is drying up. >> zika is spreading and by the end of this month we will be out of money to respond effectively.
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forward with a plan to fight the zika virus. research money has essentially run out. >> ben: that's the first thing you think about when you see the spraying. what harm does that do? the international olympic committee is weighing in on the scandal involving ryan lochte. their decision on whether or not he will face more punishment. jc: and a special surprise for a family on ellen. harvey: sparkling, clear skies and you have to go way to the even run into clouds. there are changes for the midweek.
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ryan bach tee will not -- ryan lochte will not face further punishment. the u.s. swim team has banned the swimmer for 10 months and forced him to forfeit $100,000 in bonuses. he and three teammates lied about be point. >> ben: david cameron is stepping down from his parliament position. earlier this year he resigned as prime minister after failing to convince british voters to remain in the union. the announcement was unexpected and he said it was not possible to be a proper back venture having been in charge of the government. the special election will now
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prince george and princess charlotte will make the trip to canada with their parents. it was announced will and kate will take both children on their official visit. it will be the first for 1-year-old charlotte. although i'm sure they won't be slumming it, the royal family will visit british columbia and the yukon. bundle up. that's september 24th. jc: george and charlotte are adorable, right? but now to the police dog who is taking over the the dog loves his pupaccino. there he goes. of course he is off duty at the time. it is a cup of whipped cream by the way. my cholesterol is clogging as we say that. >> ben: wonder how many of those he gets a week? a daily trip to starbucks? harvey: well, i don't know if
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jc: she seemed happy. harvey: extremely happy. since hermine is out of the scene this is ian. it is in the middle of the atlantic. you can see we have bermuda over here and the east coast of the united states and beyond. this time it looks like it is not going to come close to a land mass, at least not bermuda or the united states. if you look at our spaghetti plots notice how they are that seems solid and that's the way to go with this. it is not a situation that we have to be too concerned with. you know woo -- you noy we are in the tropical storm season. the feeling of fall is in the air and some temperatures are in the 40s in spots. it is 59 in boston and 40 mine in plymouth. and now the temperature responded pretty nicely. sea breezes kept it cooler. winthrop is 67 and all you
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somerville and it is 75. it is close to 80 degrees around hartford, connecticut. it is clear everywhere. it is going to be a wonderful evening. it is a wonderful evening. notice that there is still warm air to be found. you just have to go to knoxville, tennessee. our high will be coming from this area so figure about 80. wednesday we will be in the 80s, but in terms of skies the red sox are back home and a big game against baltimore. they are all big from here on in. secretary 9 for the start of the game and then coasting closer to 60 by the end of the game. notice there will be a few more 40s overnight tonight. in fact, tonight's low temperatures will be similar to what we experienced last night. the high temperatures will be up a few degrees. no sea breeze in boston. it should take us to 80 to 82
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harvey, you forgot to put anything on this map. in fact, you can go all the way to chicago and it is nice and clear. farther to the west and we run into our next front. that front will be approaching when we get to late wednesday and wednesday evening. that's our one and only chance this work and school week of getting a period of showers and thunderstorms in here. high pressure is moving off. it allows the southwest wind to be a little warmer tomorrow. slightly more humid on wednesday. i want another day close to cloudless. the clock is moving and nothing is changing. the skies are staying clear. a few patchy clouds by wednesday morning. and then by late in the day on wednesday, there could be a band of showers and thunderstorms. a few of these could contain gusty winds. we'll keep an eye on those. there you are late on wednesday. the front will move offshore by later wednesday night. it sets us up with weather on thursday and friday. similar to the weather of today and tomorrow. four to five days similar and
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day. just keep an eye to the sky later on. the weekend looks like it gets off to an okay start. an approaching front could give a few showers and thunderstorms. we have a long way to go between now and then of course. jc some. jc:harvey, thank you. it is a right passage for parents and children. they say the family tradition is also a family business, one that survived a troubled beginning. cherished swan boats since the unique business was launched in 1877. it was started by robert and julia paget, just a year into operation tragedy befell the married couple. jay robert died in 1878 and julia was a young woman with four small children who had to figure out what she was going to do with this business. she made the important decision to maintain it.
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reporter: she is a fourth generation member of the family to shepherd this beloved attraction. the design of the boats is simple and timeless. wooden benches on top of hollowed pontoons are powered by a driver who is essentially by by -- bicycling and two ropes attached to a rutter. >> the hard work was done before me. my job is much more about protecting the integrity and tau dig of business. this is about keeping it the way bostonians want it to be. reporter: lynn paget says over the years she has come to realize what a treasure this, the country's first public botanical garden is. to have these open spaces in our cities, she says, is transform tiff. >> in the 15 to 20 minutes you are with us you can really see them slow down and relax and it is a short slice of time,
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jc: it is just one stop down b ea con street. we can see how much $4 million buys. look for norm at the cheers bar and shop a farmer's market. beacon street on "chronicle" at 7:30. >> ben: and the reunion went viral on ellen. this is the video. his girlfriend, shannon, organized the reunion. his mother lives in africa and has accou seen her in a decade. on today's show he had his own price for shannon before ellen got the gift in. >> do you want to meet my wife? >> thank you.
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>> yes. >> ellen and shutter fly gave the couple $10,000. you can watch "ellen" here on channel 5 at 3:00 every afternoon. jc: elizabeth vargas is revealing more about her on going recovery from alcoholism in a new book. she suffered repeated relapses and her marriage ended because of her drinking. the 54-year-old mother of two says she wants her recovery to provide hope to others. >> i am h comfort families of the alcoholic that it is not about you. just because they are doing so much damage with their drinking it does president mean they -- it doesn't mean they don't love you. they are sick. they have to get better. they have to see the light. and hopefully those families can get the resources they need and most importantly not 145eu78 the addict. the worst thing you can do is shame them. jc: in the last seven years her drinking consumed her
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breaths a moment between panic and addiction will be released tomorrow. jc: and "dancing with the stars" starts tonight. rapper vanilla ice and maureen mccormick is known as marcia from "the brady bunch" and former texas governor rick perry. you can catch the action starting right here at jc: the new hampshire winners of the giant you po -- powerball jackpot. >> ben: first flashing floored floored -- flashing forward to the news at 6:00. ed: there is new evidence that was compromised at a police department. heather:and taking a stand by
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is bringing a protest to the high school level. ed: we have a new look at a woman with boston ties. they are the images and the information just released. heather:and it never gets old. a military dad surprising his beautiful son and wife in
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>> ben: they willir will a employees and 7500 new distribution employees to help with on-line orders. they will hold hiring events this wednesday and thursday. candidates can also apply on-line. >> ben: after weeks of wondering we know more about the powerball winners. jc: lawyers came forward representing a trust set up to collect the money.
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the real name of the winner was to the released, but they are local and they plan to help their community with the money. the winning ticket was sold at a hannafords in raymond. the store got prize money that they gave to local charities the big winner matched the donation. >> hannafords decided how to distribute the $100,000 they were going to give away and 68 hours of hunger was something big on their list. the winier decided to match it exactly so i jc: the robin's egg trust accepted the one lump payout. they didn't tell anyone a month before going to a lawyer. the excitement of it all, that's restraint. >> ben: it is indeed. newscenter 5 at 6:00 starts right now. >> now, on newscenter 5. ed: a mother murdered and her
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reporter: the person of interest police are looking for right now. heather: 5 investigates with the first cases dropped due to an evidence scandal at a local police department. >> from the patriots in arizona to the gridiron at home. the local student athlete making a controversial statement. harvey: no significant relief from this drought, but i'll tell you about the ups and the downs and the temperature department. >> a lesson in patriotism turns into a reuni >> this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. ed: police have searching for this man. they say he murdered his ex-girlfriend while their young son was in the house. heather: the 4-year-old boy is safe, but the suspect is on the run. reid lamberty is live. reid? reporter: ed and heather, this couple shared a violent and
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they shared a son and their relationship knew problems. >> we understand there were court interactions. reporter: emilio de la rosa is a person of interest. the 32-year-old lawrence man served four years in prison for an assault conviction against his son's mother. police were called to the 29 -year-old woman's home for a wellness check and found her unresponsive jievment she was taken to the hospital. she was pronounced at that reporter: the couple's 4-year-old son was home when his mother was attacked. police were unsure if they witnessed her murder. he was unhurt. >> the son was in the premises to a relative's. reporter: they don't have many good things to say about her former boyfriend, but they can't say enough about the single mother. >> she was the most loving and caring person ever. reporter: in fact just yesterday rosa and her son
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no indication that anything was wrong. >> she was having a good time and her kid was running around and playing with the kids. reporter: cause of death is being investigated. if you know the whereabouts of de la rosa, give them a call. reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: and two more employees fired accused of falsifying hours. the company that operates the mbta commuter rail service recently fired six other those employees were connected to the mechanical department. heather:now to a 5 investigates exclusive, criminal cases now thrown out and defendants are off the hook. these cases are all connected to an evidence room scandal at the braintree police department. kathy curran broke the story and she has the new fallout. reporter: three pending drug cases went before the judge today. these are cases that the detectives and the prosecutors worked on for more than a


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